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Wholesale Pricing

We have the right printing solution for you

Screen Printing

Our screen printing is oil based but phthalate free which means there are no harmful chemicals and prints the same as a traditional silk screened image. We can provide any color you'd like, just take a look at our pricing guide for the allowed colors for your order.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing ink is water based and blends in with the T-shirt material, producing a print that feels like it isn't there. Digital prints can be as many colors as you want (excluding white) providing a photo quality print. Our knowledgeable staff can help find the right shirt color for whatever image you have.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

No minimum orders. This requires at least 50% of natural fibers. 100% cotton will get you the best result.


No minimum orders. This allows up to provide you with an all-over print. This requires at least 50% Polyester. 100% Polyester will get you the best result. For images larger than 14" x 16" just double the digital print price.


We provide Spiritex shirts which are locally made with USA grown cotton. We also have several name brand options for you to choose from. All Pricing you see is just the print price. We have options which means a range of garment prices. If you have a budget or looking for a specific brand, just give us a call and we can help you out. We can also provide you with banners, flags, mugs, and iPhone cases.